Friday, July 30, 2010

Death at EMCF questionable at best!

On or about July 29, 2010 in Housing Unit 5 at the psychiatric prision in Meridian MS, a mentally ill prisoner, who was housed in the long-term segregation area of the prison allegedly refused to allow a guard to close the tray-slot on his cell door. Prison officials sprayed an entire can of immobilizing gas into the cell, then closed the tray-slot. This effectively trapped the gas inside the cell and deprived the prisoner of oxygen. Prison officials left the prisoner in this condition until he was "found" not breathing. Their is video footage of this inncident according to Miss. Code Ann.93-3-19, this constitutes murder.
Warden Caskey and Grimes habitually engage in, promote and condone excessive use of force upon mentally ill prisoners housed in EMFC. When prisoners accert their constitutional rights or file complaints, the administration retaliates against them with physical assaults, forced injections of psychotropic medications placement in isolation for months and some cases years and the lists go on.
Warden Caskey has recently gone on record with the Meridian Star Newspaper and made comments regarding prisoners having nothing to do except engage in criminal behavior. Lets look at a factual example of Caskeys and Grimes' idea of prison managment. The prisoners on HOusing Unit 1 are confined to their zones continuously 24 hours a day, without penological justification. They are not allowed to go to the facility kitchen. To eat their meals the food is brought to the zones on top of an open, unsanitary trash cart. The food always cold, the portions are so inadequate that prisoners who were once healthy look emaciated now. This is in large part due to the kitchen.
Prisoners on Unit 1 are not allowed to utilize the gym or weight-room with the facility they are not allowed to go on the grass area of the outside yard for exercise periods. Those prisoners are not provided or offered any positive out-lets by the very same Warden Caskey who enjoys making comments about the negative actions of prisoners, while promoting those same said acts. The same can be said for Warden Grimes.
Per capita, EMFC has had more homicides,suicides, unexplained deaths, stabbings, assaults and other violent acts than any other prison in the state of Mississippi. Review the records over the previous decade.Why is this? It isn't because of contraband. It is because GEO Group refuses to replace incompetent, corrupt administrators such as Caskey and Grimes. An in-depth investigation will show that MDOC Deputy Commissoner Emmitt Sparkman has a personal history of abusing prisoners. Said history spans several states. Research his conduct at the LTI youth prison in LA. Sparkman also has a history with Grimes.
A resonable person would believe that there is a conflict of intrest in allowing Sparkman, as a state employee, to be involved in any capacity with a private prison whom he once worked for, that now has a contract with the state of Miss., Whom he now works for.
It is past time to investigate and take corrective action against MDOC and EMFC for the Nepostism and corruption within the upper echlons of both.


  1. I have a solution. Execute them. All of them. Stuff them all in the prison showers and turn the machine guns on them. Then the prisons would not be overcrowded and your precious inmates would no longer be "mistreated".

  2. EMCF prisoner advocateAugust 3, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    You seriously need to get a life. I wish you could see how truely ignorant you sound, cause trust me you do. If you dont like what I have to say it is easy stay off my page. But you wont because obviously you have nothing better to do with your time but post ignorant comments. To me you seem like a coward making comments about ppl you dont know. I have no use for someone who has such an ignorant basis of thinking such as yourself

  3. Well, although I agree with some of the things you posted... I have to disagree in our case about Warden Grimes. He has been the only Warden in the MDOC system that has taken our calls, and actually helped our loved one. After 12 years in locked down at Pman, Warden Grimes saw beyond that and gave our inmate a chance to prove himself. He is now in population and even has a little job. There are many things I hate about MDOC, but I can't say Grimes is one of them. He has actually been our savior.

  4. Compared to Pman-East has been a blessing for us.