Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inhuman treatment and living conditions.

Prisoners being treated just as inhumanly as they were in Parchman. I am concerned in knowing what happened with the courts decision in the Presley v. Epps 4:05-cv-148-JAD case, that would allow ACLU free access to EMCF to ensure that things occurring within EMFC right now would not happen. That prisoners previously housed in unit 32 in Parchman would not be subjected to the same abuse and mistreatment as they were subjected to in Parchman and are now being subjected to @ EMCF.

Due to a single inmates action all prisoners at EMCF are being subjected to lockdown conditons. Including but not limited to no showers, no yard call being confined 24 hours a day in a two man cell. With many of these patients being mental patients now mixed in with other inmates.Further more the prisoners are being fed cheese sandwiches 3 times a day. True these are prisoners what have broke the law in one way or another but that is them serving their debt to society in the manner the judicial system deemed suitable. So many times people wonder why prisoners released generally end back in the system, grant it some just live their lives that way and will never change, but being caged up like an animal with treatment unjust for an animal gives them no direction in their life to change.


  1. Very true, EMCF is one of the worst possible places one can end up at. There is so much missuse of power and inmate neglect. I seriously hope one day this facility is closed down and the administrators are placed in jail where they belong

  2. I hope they all die.

    "being caged up like an animal with treatment unjust for an animal gives them no direction in their life to change."

    Guess what? They ARE animals, they deserve to be locked up in a cage.

  3. EMFC prisoner advocateAugust 3, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    You have a pathetic out look on life do you know these ppl or their stories? I seriously doubt it. And who are you to judge anyone for anything Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous NOBODY that is who. I pity a person like you, who obviously does not know what you are talking about. As for
    your comment "I hope they all die"you are a very ignorant individual.