Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once again EMCF officials have resorted to the group punishment of all the offenders by locking the entire prison down in two man cells for an incident that was isolated and happened on one unit. The practice of double-celling in and of itself...
should be unconstitutional. At least one Federal Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to double-cell mentally ill prisoners. EMCF is an establised psychiatric facility. The current act of forcing prisoners into two man cells have repeatedly lead to assualts and deaths. Living conditions at Unit 32 at the Mississippi State penitentiary that were deemed unconstitutional according to the Presley vs Epps Supplement Consent Decree are the same conditions prisoners are being subjected to at EMCF. Why are tax payers constently having to pay for the deliberate indifference of prison officials whom obviously believe they are above the scope of the law? An online petition will be set up in the near future, requesting that Governor Barbour replace the Comissioner and Deputy Comissioner of MDOC due to their mismanagement of the prison system as it is clearly evident, and the fact that there is not an established form of forced compliance with MDOC policies and standing court mandates When said prisons house MDOC prisoners, whose care is paid by the tax payers of this state. More than 2 million dollars was spent to raise electric fences around units 17 and 27 a couple months later both units were condemned. How many more millions of dollars were invested in Unit 32? And now its closing its doors amid constitutional deprivations. The same deprived enviornment and mentally created by prison officials in Parchman then, is the misuse and abuse of authority now existing now in EMCF. Why hasnt ACLU forced compliance with the Presley vs Epps Mandate????

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